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Freeing our community of Zombie homes

Deed Logic was founded  with a simple mission: to purchase control of abandoned, boarded up, squatter occupied homes and convert them into well managed, cared for, properties. Our unique approach examines each situation and purchases an ownership interest from homeowners who would like to free themselves of their management burden.


After the financial crisis of 2008 our community was littered with homes which were either abandoned by their owners or boarded up by the banks to await the foreclosure process to conclude.  We are not wholesalers looking to flip property, we are end users who use our own money to purchase property which may have no equity and be under foreclosure.  We primarily purchase homes which are not sellable on the open market as there is no equity in them and a short sale may not be an option. 

We purchase all homes without clear title and subject to all liens and violations. Once purchased many of these homes are restored into well cared for productive assets , and no longer have a negative impact on neighboring property values. Former owners shed themselves of the management responsibility and future violation liability. 

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